Stop strange charters appearing in wordpress websites

An issue that makes apostrophes appearing as ‘â€TM’ on wordpress websites. This problem occur when you copy and paste text from websites or word documents.

Solution is;

Open up the config.php and comment out the lines which are

define(”DB_CHARSET”, ”utf8”);

define(”DB_COLLATE”, ””);

change them to

//define(”DB_CHARSET”, ”utf8”);

//define(”DB_COLLATE”, ””);


To prevent this happening when you copy text and want to paste it past as text or use ctrl+shift+v.

How to make Windows 10 full screen on VirtualBox

  1. Switch off Windows 10
  2. Make a note of your Operation System current resolution. Let’s say 1900×1080
  3. Go to the VirtualBox installation folder open command prompt in the folder. Usually in C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox or Open up a command Prompt and navigate to folder where VBoxManage.exe is..
  4. Type this command into the command prompt: VBoxManage.exe setextradata “VM-Name” CustomVideoMode1 1920x1080x32
  5. Open up the Windows 10 and from resolution center change the resolution to your new resolution.